POSI WORLD (POSITIVE WORLD)  is a company created for the sole purpose of promoting and instilling positive characteristics among kids globally. Our mission is to “Affect Positive Change” in a manner of action and engagement with our youth. POSI WORLD is hosting a Kids Social Skills program (ages 6-11) located at Rogers Park in Inglewood, California. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-6pm; kids join in POSI WORLD to learn and engage in various social skills topics and activities ranging from honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility just to cite a few. We are proud to share each week this program is growing and we personally want to welcome all those who wish to join in on this positive movement.

POSI WORLD  was created by Mr. Anthony Onwuegbuzia and Mr. John Kent, both whom have been best friends for over 20 years since first meeting in high school. The two have acquired  a deep rooted commitment to affect positive change in their respective communities and beyond. Coming together to form POSI WORLD has been a remarkable journey within itself and has resulted in both men becoming better individuals. We at POSI WORLD will  continue to make our mission to “Affect Positive Change” the forefront in expanding and spreading positivity globally.