May Day…May Day!!

May has been an exciting month in Posi World for sure. We kicked it off with a lesson on integrity and decision making.


For this lesson, we chose a balloon activity that forced the ambassadors to utilize their decision making skills and tested their integrity.  The ambassadors had to keep the balloon in the air without bumping into anyone, without talking, and most importantly if they mess up they have to kick themselves out of the game.  No one was there to tell them you are out, the decision was theirs.  The winner was not the last one standing.  The winners were all of the ambassadors that were accountable for their actions, and used integrity to sit out when it was their time.

We also had the pleasure of attending the Compton Youth Air and Job Fair Expo at the Compton Woodley Airport.  The ambassadors were able to meet a Historic Tuskeegee Airmen, sit in some old planes and helicopters, and flew a real flight simulator.  Truly an awesome experience.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of May brings!!


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