Our Day in POSI WORLD!!

stay on topic2

We had a fun time in POSI WORLD yesterday.  We conducted a reinforcement lesson on communication. Our three main focuses were (1.) Staying on topic (2.) Proper enunciation (3.) Body language. Our kid Ambassadors continue to strive for greatness and the commitment they show week after week is simply remarkable.

For this exercise: The Ambassadors were given random topics to discuss for 50 seconds. Some of the topics covered were love, community, being kind, motorcycles, games, etc.  I must say they all did an amazing job staying on topic.  They surprised us by putting on their thinking caps and bringing up excellent points about each topic. We were very impressed!

We ended the session with a little story time.  Our Facilitator Mr. Spencer kicked it off, and the Ambassadors each added a line to the story (again reinforcing staying on topic). Great job Ambassadors and Facilitators.






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