Support Afterschool Programs!!


I’m sure you’ve heard in recent news, that President Trump plans to cut the funding for afterschool programs. The president’s budget justifies this devastating cut by claiming that “the programs lacks [sic] strong evidence of meeting its objectives, such as improving student achievement.”

Here at Posi World, we are able to see change in the Ambassadors first hand. This program alone teaches social skills, which is very important in this technology driven society. The Ambassadors are more confident, thirsty to learn, and better able to handle peer pressure. They have a safe environment afterschool to complete their homework, receive a healthy snack, and participate in fun learning activities.

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We’ve pulled the following facts from the Afterschool Alliance, outlining the benefits of supporting your local afterschool programs:

  • Afterschool programs show returns on investment with reports from Minnesota, Vermont, Maryland, Oklahoma, and the national level showing that each dollar invested in afterschool saves up to $9 by increasing young people’s learning potential, improving student performance in school, and reducing crime and welfare costs.
  • Helps parents keep their jobs by providing a free or low cost, safe environment for the kids to go afterschool. 8 in 10 parents say afterschool programs helps them keep their jobs.
  • Regular participation in a afterschool programs helped narrow the achievement gap between high- and low-income students in math, improved academic and behavioral outcomes, and reduced school absences.

We encourage you to get involved however you can!! We all know someone that has needed an afterschool program.





Our Day in POSI WORLD!!

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We had a fun time in POSI WORLD yesterday.  We conducted a reinforcement lesson on communication. Our three main focuses were (1.) Staying on topic (2.) Proper enunciation (3.) Body language. Our kid Ambassadors continue to strive for greatness and the commitment they show week after week is simply remarkable.

For this exercise: The Ambassadors were given random topics to discuss for 50 seconds. Some of the topics covered were love, community, being kind, motorcycles, games, etc.  I must say they all did an amazing job staying on topic.  They surprised us by putting on their thinking caps and bringing up excellent points about each topic. We were very impressed!

We ended the session with a little story time.  Our Facilitator Mr. Spencer kicked it off, and the Ambassadors each added a line to the story (again reinforcing staying on topic). Great job Ambassadors and Facilitators.





Brian K. Williams visits POSI WORLD


Special Thanks To Mr. Brian K.Williams for taking time to come speak to our POSI WORLD Kid Ambassadors. He presented the kids with valuable lessons on how we as individuals can easily promote positivity while affecting positive change in our communities and beyond.

As the Executive Director of the newly formed Los Angeles County Civilian Oversight Commission, Mr. Williams is a prime example of a leader who is determined to empower, educate, and help others strive for greatness.  Mr. Williams graduated from UCLA School of Law and started his own practice, Brian K Williams Law Group.


Thank you again so much for your powerful words!

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