February in POSI WORLD!!

February has been very busy in POSI WORLD. Our Ambassadors (Ages 6-11) meet at Rogers Park in Inglewood, CA every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-6pm. The objectives of the month are to develop and enhance social skills, increase confidence, and reinforce accountability.

POSI WORLD would like to give Special Thanks to the Inglewood Public Library for hosting our Kid Ambassadors yesterday. We had a exciting time exploring the variety of resources that the library has to offer. After our Kid Ambassadors received their personal library cards, they each checked out two books apiece. We are very proud of the commitment these kids show when it comes to learning, exploring, and broadening their horizons. Way To GO! and Keep up the Great Work!

POSI WORLD Kid Ambassadors executed a flawless performance at the 2017 Inglewood Black History Program @ Darby Park, Inglewood. We commend these young men for their hard work and dedication on seeing this production all the way through. Well done Guys!!! We are so proud of each and everyone of you.


We look forward to what adventures and lessons March has to offer.

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